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We Moved!!

Many of you probably already know that we have moved, but I wanted to share some details and tell you about some crazy awesome things the Lord has done for our family!!

We've been needing to move for quite a while, but had not been in a position where that was possible for our family until recently. The Lord could have moved mountains years ago when this need to move first arose, but He didn't. It wasn't His plan. It wasn't His will for our family back then. We questioned. We asked our fair share of whys. We got frustrated and even at times angry. Our situation was very difficult and honestly, it was so beyond hard. We at times struggled to trust God, to trust that He really was working, as He promised, for our good and His glory. We struggled believing there was good ahead, that there would be deliverance. We struggled and were so weary by the end of the journey. But God gave us an end!! He graciously forgave when we repented! He graciously reminded us of truth! He gr…

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