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The Broken Rise Ministry

I feel the Lord is calling me to something much bigger than myself. I feel Him calling me to a ministry. I feel Him calling me to use this voice and the story that He graciously gave me to lead others. To lead them to something much bigger than themselves. Something so much greater and so much more beautiful than them and me. Something bigger than you, my dear reader. Something bigger and greater and more beautiful than we could ever imagine, even in our wildest dreams. This "something" I am talking about is the glory of God. I want you to behold our great Father. I want you to learn and grow and be, just be (more on that coming very soon!). As broken people in a broken world we forget, at least I often do, to worship during the broken moments. We need Jesus to lead us and hold us up. We need each other. We need to worship, broken brother and sister. You and I, we need to worship!! God has called us to not be idle and stay put, so here I am, not staying put. Today is anothe…