Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Broken Rise Ministry

 I feel the Lord is calling me to something much bigger than myself. I feel Him calling me to a ministry. I feel Him calling me to use this voice and the story that He graciously gave me to lead others. To lead them to something much bigger than themselves. Something so much greater and so much more beautiful than them and me. Something bigger than you, my dear reader. Something bigger and greater and more beautiful than we could ever imagine, even in our wildest dreams. This "something" I am talking about is the glory of God. I want you to behold our great Father. I want you to learn and grow and be, just be (more on that coming very soon!).

As broken people in a broken world we forget, at least I often do, to worship during the broken moments. We need Jesus to lead us and hold us up. We need each other. We need to worship, broken brothers and sisters. You and I, we need to worship!! God has called us to not be idle and stay put, so here I am, not staying put. Today is another broken day with more broken moments and hard, hard stuff, but today is more importantly the day that the Lord has made!! Right now I am pursuing joy in that. Child of God, I pray you are too.

So, this ministry is basically pulling all of what I just said into one thing and calling it "The Broken Rise". God gave me that name and I absolutely love it! It is truly my heart and goal and what God is calling me to. I want you and me, as the broken people we are, to rise up and use our voice to proclaim His glory and share these broken stories that God has given us.

If you are broken from abuse, illness, loss, trauma, Spiritual warfare, whatever it is that broke you then or is breaking you now, I crave to give you a safe place to share your struggles. I crave to give you a place where you feel safe talking and sharing about your brokenness and heartache. I crave to give you a place where you can come to get encouragement and advice and scripture and beautiful words from God spoken through other broken people who are being lead by our Holy Spirit. I want you to see that you're not alone and be encouraged other breaking people and their stories, by what our awesome God is doing in their lives, what He is doing right now in mine as I type these words.

I want to see a community of broken people rising up and giving God glory, one word, one story, one moment, one heartbeat at a time. But not stopping there! The Lord has put Eternity on my heart, He has made Eternity so real to me and that is such a blessing. With that being said, I want to see a community of broken people rising up not just for the temporal, but also, and more importantly, for the Eternal.

This is my heart. This is where God is leading me. I have no idea where He is going to take me, but the possibilities with God are endless!! It's most certainly going to be a bumpy ride and a painful journey, but God has brought me here to this moment, He will equip me and hold me up, as will He for you, dear called believer.

You will soon be able to find us on YouTube & Facebook :) There will be an open page on Fb for updates, encouragement, and scripture + some beautiful stories of brokenness and restoration. There will also be a closed group (meaning by request only:)) on Fb for the more personal, conversational, in depth stuff. :) The Broken Rise YouTube channel is going to be me sharing my stories of brokenness and restoration and my hope is that I will be an encouragement and that God would put a hope filled song in my heart to share with you, dear friend! And Lord willing, it won't stop there! As He continues to lead, I will continue to go... sometimes kicking and screaming because I'm a mess and fear is legit, but God is teaching me and I'm learning and growing and walking and God is so gracious! Praise the Lord!! 

I'm praying for you, sweet broken friend! I'm praying that this ministry will bless and encourage you and you will be spurred on in your walk with God and be renewed. I'm praying that redemption will happen and God will be glorified! I'm praying that lost souls will be saved and come to Jesus!! 

Blessings! *Hugs*

In Christ,

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