June Blogathon, Day Three!

Day three of the June blogathon:

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul. Proverbs 94:19

Today I have been anxious. I have been so worried about things I really should not be worried about. I have been thinking to hard and to much about things that, though they are important and they do need to be thought about, they don't need to take over my day. Like they did today.

I need to lay the anxieties and the worries and the confusion going on in my head at the feet of Jesus! Today I got caught up in my thoughts. I got unfocused and my mind was going all over the place, I just could not get it together. I tried but I should have tried harder. I know that if I had prayed harder and if I had tried to focus on God and the fact that He has a plan for all of the "what ifs" and all the confusion. If I had tried harder I know today could have been much better, more productive and much happier.

I let Satan in. I let him see my weakness and I let him take advantage of it. I let him take over my day today and I am ashamed. I am ashamed that I let Satan in and that I let him take away my joy. But I know that the Lord planed today before I was even thought of, I know that He has a reason for making today the way it was. I know that God is good and He is all-knowing and He has a beautiful plan for me that involves ALL of the days. Even the days like today.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I will try harder. I will pray more. I will smile bigger. I will chose joy.


{Some photos from mine and Emmy's Birthday shoot}


  1. Ms. B, I am proud of your growth and attitude and poise wit which you set about sharing God's love and influence in your life! you are amazing! keep on, sister!
    loveya, Ms.C

    1. Thank you!!!! I love you, too! Thank you for reading my blog, it means so much!! *happy tears*


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