A Letter To My Mom On Mommie's Day

Dear Mom,

Thank you.

Thank you for the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for choosing to be our Mom. Thank you for being there, through thick and thin. Thank you for being brave and standing strong. Thank you for caring for us and encouraging us and NEVER giving up on us. Thank you for listening. Thank you for showing me how to love. Thank you for teaching me. Most of all, thank you for leading me to Jesus.

Mom, I love you more then anything! You are truly one of my BEST friends. You teach me something new everyday, you show me things I never would have seen without you. You let me in, you let me be the person that I am and there are no words to describe what that means to me.

You are human and you don't try to hide your mistakes. You show me that though we do make mistakes, we have to repent, learn from them and move on. You show me that there is a way to be imperfect and yet, beautiful.

You have given grace upon grace!

You take every opportunity to show the love of Jesus. You lead me closer to Him. You help me learn more about God, you teach me more about Him. Every time I need advice. Every time I need help seeing the good in the situation. Every time I need to see Jesus in the situation and I turn to you, you are there to show me, to lead me, to encourage me and remind me of the things that are important, the things that are "God things".

I'm not going to lie and say that your perfect, I know you're not. I know you're human, just like the rest of us. I know you make mistakes, I know you mess up, I know you are not everything you want to be but you're you and that's what makes you beautiful. You are beautifully imperfect.

Mom, you have helped me understand when I'm confused. You've put trust in me when I haven't trusted myself, you have given me the courage to trust myself and others. You have calmed me, you have given hugs, you have prayed with me and for me behind closed doors. You helped me through the worst time in my life, you helped me pick up the pieces, you helped me become whole again. You helped put a broken girl back together.

You have been instrumental in shaping me into the person that I am today, for that {and so many other things} I am Grateful and Thankful!

YOU are my hero! I love YOU! And I'm so Thankful God gave me you!

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