Monday, December 1, 2014

Today My Best Friend Turns Seventeen!

Today is the day my best friend, my brother, and my hero turns seventeen! I don't really know what I'm supposed to feel, I'm happy but I'm sad, I'm excited but I'm scared, I'm loving this season and kind of, to be honest, not liking it. I really don't know what or how to feel about my best friend growing up and getting older.

He's my buddy, my pal, my dude, my brother and my best friend! Peter is so loving, kind, gentle, sweet, sensitive, happy, he gives the best hugs and he's.....well, my best friend. Pete has always been there to listen, to love, to give advice, to laugh with me, to hold me when I cry, to do "best friend stuff" with and for me and he's ALWAYS there!

Petey has been my pal forever, we were best friends from the get-go and then something happened and I had to grow up and he didn't. Then this seizure disorder came into play and here we are. I always tell people that if that was the only good thing that came out of this that would be TOTALLY okay with me because I have my best friend back, not that he wasn't my best friend anymore just that we weren't as close as we were before. God gave me a best friend that just so happened to be my brother. God gave me a buddy, a pal, a dude, a brother and a best friend all in one!

Pete and I have a past that is worth sharing, a present that is worth living, and a future that is worth hoping for. Our past is full of wonderful memories, happy and sad (even the sad ones are wonderful because they have helped us get where we are). Our present is full of smiles and laughter. And our future is full of.....I don't know yet but I'm hoping that it's beautiful.

Peter is so good with people. Just yesterday at church (my old church, we had choir practice) he got up out of nowhere and opened the door for a friend fighting cancer, no one asked, mom didn't tell, he just did, like always. He always opens the door for people-- not just ladies, everybody. He always takes his hat off when he gets inside, he doesn't wait for someone to say "take off your hat when we pray" or "take off your hat in church", he's already done it.

I am so proud of him and the man God is shaping him to be. He has been so sweet today! He gave my dad his birthday present today (my dad's birthday is on Sunday). He has said thank you to everybody today several times! He has been so kind today, so sweet to everyone, and SO appreciative!

Peter is so selfless and so giving! He is also a protector, when I am with him even if I am scared I feel safe, I feel like its going to be okay, he is going to protect me. I know he will always go out of his way to make sure I'm okay, he always does no matter what. God is so good in the way he provides, he provided me with a brother and a best friend

Happy seventeenth Birthday, William! I hope that it has been WONDERFUL!




I love you, Petey!

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