November...30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day Twenty-Eight

Day twenty-eight of #30daysofThankfulness:


Okay, y'all, I am a really big fan of wisdom!

God gave wisdom to many people in the bible and He still gives the same kind of wisdom today.

I believe that if you ask for wisdom and you truly want it, then God will bless you with it.

God is a giver of many wonderful things! One of those things is wisdom. God has given me wisdom so many times when I've asked! Wisdom changes the whole outcome of a situation!

I believe wisdom is something that you can never have to much of. Wisdom is something that you can never run out of if you ask God to bless you with it.

God gives wisdom through many things. Sometimes He uses the bible to give wisdom or people in your life or maybe He just speaks to you.

God has given wisdom when I've asked about all kinds of things. ranging from "how do I move my room around?" To "God, how do I fix this?"

God blesses us with wisdom! And I think sometimes we think we want wisdom about a situation and then when we get it we ignore it because its not the wisdom we wanted. I think that everyone has probably done this at one time or another. I also think that when God blesses you with something you should take advantage of that and use it for His glory.

Wisdom is AWESOME and a gift from God!

Thank you God for the wisdom you give us.


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