November...30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day Twenty-Six

Day twenty-six of #30daysofThankfulness:

The men and women serving our country.

I have no words to describe how Thankful I am for the men and women serving this country. They have made SO many sacrifices and given up SO much so that we can sleep under a blanket of protection.

I have no idea how we take something (more like someone) that is such a HUGE part of our safety for granted so often. These AMAZING people have given up SO much and somehow we forget that. We forget that these people often don't get to see loved ones for up to a YEAR at a time! We forget that these great, amazing people are risking their lives for people they don't even know! We forget how much they care.

I know people who are in the military, I've seen up close how hard it is for their families, I've seen how much it hurts to not know what the future may hold for their loved one. Even though I've never been through it myself I know that it is VERY, VERY, hard! I know it is a sacrifice on both ends and I know that in the end these people are heroes!

These amazing men and women are so incredibly brave! They are braver than most. They are sending themselves into the unknown and somehow they find the bravery to be okay with that. And I am SO, SO Thankful for that and for them!

These men and women are HEROES!

Thank you God for these AMAZING men and women!

My granddad

My granddad and my dad


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