The Story Behind The Name...

There is a meaning behind the name "Pure Life" and here it is.

The meaning behind the name is simply that I want to live a Pure life, I want everything I do and say to be Pure. I want to live a Pure life for Christ. Jesus Christ died so that I could live and I feel like the least I could possibly do to repay Him for that, is to strive to live a life that is Pure and therefore pleasing to Him.

Also when I was trying to come up with a name I sat down at the table and saw a Pure life water bottle and made the suggestion to my mom and then when I said it out loud I was like no way until my mom reminded me that my middle name(Katherine) means Pure and then it all made sense. Then as we got to thinking more about it, it made even more sense because as a Christian we should all want to live a Pure life.

P.S. I had a blog a long time ago and it had the same name and that was the meaning behind it as well.


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