Tae Kwon Do...Green Belt Testing!

Today marks the one week anniversary of me getting my Green Belt! Quick back story,  I have wanted to start Tae Kwon Do since I was six years old but everywhere we looked was SO expensive, like 100-ish dollars a mouth expensive and so at the time I guess that was just God's way of saying "I don't want you to do this right now, I want to wait until just the right time", so, we prayed and prayed and prayed and then one day my mom walked into the bedroom on a Sunday morning and said she and my dad had a surprise for me when I got up. When I got up I went into the dining room and they told me that I could finally do Tae Kwon Do! My mom found the place on Facebook, a friend had posted about it and how great it was. My mom got in contact with her about it and so, here we are...
It has been an amazing journey! I love Tae Kwon Do, I love my instructor, the friends I've made, the things I've learned, I love everything about Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is about focus, determination, courage, self-control, respect, patience, in some ways believe it or not gentleness and so much more. I thank God for this opportunity! God had planed this out just right, it happened at just the right time and we found just the right place!

This was some of us Praying together before testing.
I LOVE this picture, its one of my Favorite pictures!
Me doing my form!
Me running as fast as I can to get my belt.
About to get my belt and certificate...
almost there...
 I got my Green Belt!
No words can describe this moment with my dad after I got my belt.



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