November...30 Days Thankfulness

So, I'm a little late but I'll try to catch up.

Day One of #30daysofthankfulness: I am so Thankful for Jesus Christ, for the love and conviction He blesses me with. Having God in my life has given me hope for a future that is so much better than anything we as humans could ever imagine. God reminds me constantly how much He loves me and how He will always be there for me, to take care of me and to get me through the challenges of this life.

Day Two: I'm Thankful for my family, they have been there for me through everything and I am so beyond blessed to have them. They have gotten me through so much pain and have helped me overcome so much and I Thank God everyday for them.

Day Three: I am Thankful for my True Friends. God has blessed me with true friends, some I've known my whole life, others I've only known for a few years, some only a few months, but they have all been there for me when I need to talk(which I like to do;)), or when I need to figure stuff out, they are always there and I cherish everyone of them!

Day Four: I am Thankful for my church(es). God has blessed me and my family with not one but two church families! Quick story about that, my family and I went to the same church my whole life up until August 2012 I was just about to turn 13 and we moved from the church I had grown up in to a little church in Lavaca, AR. To be completely honest I wasn't really loving the idea of leaving the church I had grown up in, the friends, the family we had there but then I realized that this was just part of God's master plan for our life, as a family and as individuals. So now we have two amazing church families, who we love and who love us back!


  1. And I am thankful for you, my sweet girl!! So excited about your new blogging adventure, and so proud of you! Love, Mom *heart*


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