November...30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day Seventeen

Day seventeen of #30daysofThankfulness:

Tae Kwon Do.

I am SO unbelievably Thankful for Tae Kwon Do!

I love Tae Kwon Do, SO much! Its something I love and something I am very dedicated to!

I have wanted to do Tae Kwon Do for so long, I can't even remember a time when I didn't.

God has blessed me beyond words with this opportunity! My family and friends have been so unbelievably supportive, they are such a blessing and I am so grateful for them and their support.

Tae Kwon Do is such an amazing sport, it teaches so much, and it's SO FUN!

With this seizure disorder it can be hard to focus and one of the many things that Tae Kwon Do teaches is focus. It has helped me so much! I absolutely love that Tae Kwon Do helps me and teaches me so many great things.

I love Christ Frist (where I do TKD) and I would HIGHLY recommend it! If you are looking for an amazing Christ centered place to do Tae Kwon Do with amazing instructors and a great price go check out

God, thank you for blessing me with this opportunity, and thank you for using Tae Kwon Do to help me.



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