November...30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day Seven

#30daysofThankfulness day seven: My mom, I am so Thankful for my mom and the sacrifices she has made for me and our family. She never hesitates to make a sacrifice, my mom has given up so much for us and for that I am so Thankful. She is always there no matter what, she always has good advice, an open heart and open ears. My mom has such a giving heart, so much compassion, love, kindness, advice, wisdom, a hard working attitude, a love for people, and most importantly she loves the Lord with her whole heart. My mom loves God and shows that love for Him to the world. She is so good at whenever we have something going on bringing God into the equation and reminding us that this is just part of God's plan for us and I am so, so beyond Thankful for that! She is such a good example! So, for today, tomorrow and for always I am Thankful for my mom!



  1. You made me cry again, sweet girl. I don't deserve your words, but they are precious to my heart. God is gracious in all my failings. I am so thankful for all four of my amazing children!


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