November...30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day Ten

Day ten of #30daysofThankfulness: Ammah Grace, my sweet, sweet baby sister. Gracie Bear is so kind, giving, loving, sweet, she loves kiddos, she is so artistic, crafty, beautifully weird and unique. Gracie is a miracle. Quick back story: Gracie was premature, she almost died (I know that's a little dark but it gets better), she had a brain bleed, SHE IS OUR MIRACLE. The doctors said she would probably never walk, talk or eat on her own. Well, guess what? She does ALL of the above. She not only walks but she runs like a champ! She not just talks but guess what? She knows how to yell, too! Not only can she eat on her own but she can also eat more then probably every other 10 year old like, ever! I personally think that's totally GREAT! Because that just proves God is good and He always has a plan! God gave us a Miracle the day He gave us Ammah Grace. There are two big reasons why God puts us through bad stuff. Number One: to teach us something, God uses bad, hard things to teach us stuff that we otherwise would not learn. Number Two: to bring glory to Himself. Some might think that sounds a little selfish but it's not. God deserves ALL the glory and ALL the praise. God has taught us so much (and continues to teach us stuff) that we would seriously probably never have learned if we had not gone through that. God has brought so much glory to Himself and continues to bring glory to Himself through this. The Lord Jesus Christ gave my family a daughter, a sister and the sweetest little friend the day Geez was born. We love our sweet Ammah Grace! I will forever be Grateful and Thankful to God for our Miracle baby!

Gracie bear in the NICU
Ammah Grace and I before the fourth of July 5k last year!
Geez and I during mine and Emmy's birthday shoot


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