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Playing Catch-up, Part One

I know its been awhile but, I'm back! I am so excited to get back to this whole "blogging thing" and I can't wait to fill y'all in on the last couple of months. :) These are posts about past events that I am finally getting around to typing out and posting. :)

November...30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day 30!


Sleep is something I think we tend to take for granted. Its one of those things we need so badly but typically don't realize how important it is. My mom has told me MANY times how IMPORTANT sleep is for our health!

I never gave sleep much thought until just a couple of years ago. I have epilepsy (a medical term for, a seizure disorder) and one of the triggers is fatigue/sleep deprivation, so in other words I need a lot of sleep!

Quick story: Awhile back my medicine quite working right, so, I went to the doctor and they started to up my dose. Everything was getting better except for my sleep, one second I was fine, jumping-off-the-walls, being productiv…

A Letter To My Mom On Mommie's Day

Dear Mom,

Thank you.

Thank you for the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for choosing to be our Mom. Thank you for being there, through thick and thin. Thank you for being brave and standing strong. Thank you for caring for us and encouraging us and NEVER giving up on us. Thank you for listening. Thank you for showing me how to love. Thank you for teaching me. Most of all, thank you for leading me to Jesus.

Mom, I love you more then anything! You are truly one of my BEST friends. You teach me something new everyday, you show me things I never would have seen without you. You let me in, you let me be the person that I am and there are no words to describe what that means to me.

You are human and you don't try to hide your mistakes. You show me that though we do make mistakes, we have to repent, learn from them and move on. You show me that there is a way to be imperfect and yet, beautiful.

You have given grace upon grace!

You take every op…